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President's Welcome
  • Feng Pei
    Chairman of the University Council

    Over the course of its 60 year history the Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) has become a key multidisciplinary and modern municipal university of finance and economics with a strong focus on six key areas of research including management, law, literature, science and engineering, with economics and management as the university's key specialties. 

    CUEB is honored to pass the torch from one generation to the next and continue its journey despite numerous difficulties. Adhering to its motto “Advocate morality, value competence, strategize national development, and serve the people”,CUEB has always focused on the cultivation of virtuous and capable students who care for the people and the world. It is committed to being responsible, down to earth and hard working. With the steady improvement in its teaching capabilities and the scale of its research, CUEB makes efforts to improve school conditions and implement the strategy of “stand with quality, strengthen with talents, and prosper with scientific research.” It is moving forward to be a leading domestic and internationally renowned university of finance and economics.