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Campus Culture
Enlightening, Scholarly, Diversified, Liberal, Loyal, and Enjoyable
In order to enhance campus culture and activities, the university expends huge efforts building CUEB spirit, holds a variety of cultural events cultivating a strong campus atmosphere to entertain, educate, and inspire its participants while promoting strong study habits. Some activities include art and culture festivals, community internships, volunteer activities, and competitive sports teams, of which swimming and basketball have been most successful.

University Council Chair Ke Wenjin putting on “Smiling Bracelets” in support of CUEB 2008 Olympic Volunteers

CUEB Spirit----Camel Spirit
Moving forward, Perseverant and Strong

With an Down to Earth and Earnest Attitude

Accepting Ideas and Taking Action at Every Bend

Fulfilling Ambitions Goals till the Very End
To Top Moral Tasks to Which We are Drawn

Persisting Diligence at No Matter the Magnitude

Becoming Spirits of Innovation as Part of Our Trend