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11th CUEB Young Teachers Teaching Skills Competition Draws to Successful End

Author:Translated by Wang Qi,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-07-03 Size:TTT

On June 27th, after a one-day fierce competition, the 11th CUEB Young Teachers Basic Teaching Skills Competition drew to a successful end. 15 competitors from various schools were engaged in the competition. Experts and professors from Renmin University of China, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing Wuzi University and CUEB, were invited as judges.

After a full-day competition, 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 5 third prizes, 5 honorable awards and 3 individual awards were finally selected. Among them, Wei Qingpo, teacher from the School of Law and Wang Maolin, teacher from the School of Accounting, won the first prizes. Zhang Wei from Overseas Chinese College, Jiang Jinqiu from the College of Urban Economics and Public Administration, and Gao Han from the Sports Department, received the second prizes in the competition. Chen Yuanyan from the School of Public Finance and Taxation, Wang Xia from the College of Business Administration, Xu Yiying from the School of Culture and Communications, Li Menglei from the School of Foreign Studies, and Ye Fei from the School of Statistics, won the third prizes. Wang Wanting from the School of Finance, Tang Le from the School of Labor Economics, Liu Guanyu from the School of Information, Li Yuanyuan from the School of Safety and Environmental Engineering, and Zhang Dongyang from the School of Economics, were awarded honorable prizes. In addition, Wei Qingpo from the School of Law, won the “Best Teaching Plan Award”, Wang Maolin from the School of Accounting, won the “Best Teaching Demonstration Award,” and Ye Fei from the School of Statistics, and Gao Han from the Sports Department received the “Most Popular Teacher Award”. The School of Economics, School of Accounting, School of Labor Economics, School of Foreign Studies, Overseas Chinese College, and Sports Department, were awarded the “Outstanding Organization Award.”

Before the Competition, Liu Junhong, Executive Vice Chairman of CUEB Labor Union, pointed out that young teachers in CUEB accounted for more than 60% of the total. The growth of young teachers was key to the future of the university. The growth of young teachers was inseparable from the care, tutoring and guidance of the experienced teachers. Liu hoped that the experts and judges would give valuable advice to the teaching methods of young teachers, so that they could gain improvement. She also wished all the competitors would achieve good results.

The Labor Union from all schools attached great importance to the competition. The competitors were selected by various teaching units. The teachers carefully prepared and repeatedly improved teaching plans before the competition to strive for perfection. In the course of the competition, the properly-dressed contestants showcased exquisite courseware and vivid explanations with their unique style. On the sideline, the contestants exchanged their experience and learned from each other.

The experts and judges from other universities highly praised the young teachers of CUEB. They noted that the competitors were well-prepared and achieved great teaching effects during the fierce competition. They hoped that the young teachers would regarded the competition as a new starting point, prepare each teaching plans as careful as in the competition in the future, and try their best to create an inspiring classroom atmosphere.