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CUEB Holds Class 2018 Postgraduate Commencement & Degree Awarding Ceremony

Author:Translated by Meng SH,Proofread by Li Bing Editor:Wan Chenfang Publish:2018-07-09 Size:TTT

On the morning of July 6th, the commencement & degree awarding ceremony of the postgraduates of the class of 2018 was held in the gymnasium of CUEB. Feng Pei, Party Secretary of CUEB, Fu Zhifeng, President of CUEB, Xu Fang, Deputy Party Secretary of CUEB, Ding Lihong, Wang Chuansheng and Yang Kaizhong, Vice Presidents of CUEB, Yu Zhong and Xing Qi, members of the CUEB Party Standing Committee, Lu Pengqi, representative of alumni and Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Mr. Robert, Consul of Embassy of the Republic of Central Africa to the PRC and his delegation of four members as well as Momihi, Second Secretary of Embassy of Romania to the PRC and ambassador representative, attended the ceremony, and Yang Kaizhong presided over the event.

Before the ceremony, students watched a video to review the moments of their study and life in the university. The ceremony began with the majestic national anthem. Then, Feng Pei announced the Decision of Degree Evaluation Committee of CUEB on Granting Doctoral & Master’s Degrees . This year, a total of 1,245 postgraduates obtained degrees, including 38 doctoral students and 1,207 master students.

Xu Fang announced the Decision on the Award of the Honorary Title of "Beijing Outstanding Graduates" to 55 postgraduates such as Li Wendian . After strict selection and evaluation, 3 doctors and 52 master graduates of CUEB won the title of “Beijing Outstanding Graduates” this year, and the leaders of the university awarded honorary certificates to them.


CUEB appointed 53 alumni liaisons among 2018 graduate students to strengthen the connection and communication between the university and its graduates. Ding Lihong presented a letter of appointment to Wen Bolun, alumni liaison representative.

As representatives of the postgraduates of the class of 2018, valedictorians including Qi Di, a postgraduate of the School of Accounting, Xie Xiangyou, a doctoral student of the School of Economics, and Peter, a Romania student of the School of International Education, made speeches at the ceremony.

On behalf of the supervisors, Wang Shaoguo, Dean of the School of International Education, expressed his best wishes to the students. He hoped that the students could face their future life and work with responsibility and good spirit.

As a representative of alumni, Lu Peng, a postgraduate of the class of 1990 of CUEB, made a speech at the ceremony.

On behalf of CUEB, Fu Zhifeng expressed his congratulations to the students who received the doctoral and master's degrees. He encouraged the students to courageously participate in the fierce competition against the background of economic globalization and to be reliable and self-disciplined with strong ambition and humble attitude. He hoped that everyone could move towards a bright future with an innocent heart of a child.

At last, Feng Pei and Fu Zhifeng transitioned the tassels and presented the degree certificates to the doctor graduates one by one and expressed their best wishes.