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Academic Research Overview and Achievements
To improve competiveness and better serve the public, CUEB has made great endeavors at its academic research front to emulate first-class domestic universities in all indicators. Development of research bases, innovation platforms, and key laboratories is crucial to the university’s enterprise to boost collaborative innovation capacity and to secure key projects at national and municipal levels. CUEB has always been focusing on global, cutting-edge and strategic issues supporting the publishing of quality monographs and treatises.

In 2012, the Division of Academic Research was awarded as “National Advanced University Manager of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research.” Thanks to these efforts, great strides have been made in recent years.
  • 01Research Projects Witness Steady Growth in Quantity, Quality, and Funding

    CUEB has undertaken 1,445 research projects in the recent 5 years, including 3 National Social Science Foundation Key projects, 68 National Social Science Foundation other projects, 36 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 2 National Soft Science Research projects; 69 Humanities and Social Sciences Planning projects supported by the Ministry of Education and 72 Humanities and Social Sciences Planning projects supported by the Beijing Municipal Government; 20 Beijing Natural Science Foundation projects; 51 other projects lower than the national level; 202 projects funded by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission; 194 university level projects; 728 projects entrusted by other institutes and enterprises.


    In 2014, a breakthrough has been made in high-level projects, with 48 projects funded by national foundations, a record high in CUEB history.

  • 02Research Bases and Key Laboratories Development Achieved Huge Progress with Fruitful Research

    Since its establishment in 2004, the Research Base for CBD Development has been in smooth progress with fruitful research outcomes, achieving great performance in acceptance emulations of 2007 and 2010. The CUEB Economic Data Processing and Computer Simulation Lab launched in 2005 also enjoyed great momentum in its development. Beijing Economic and Social Development Policy Research Base established in 2007 successfully passed the acceptance evaluation in November 2009 and received sweeping good reviews in the acceptance evaluation in 2012.

    The Metropolis Economic and Social Development Research Institute launched in 2010 has become a ministerial collaborative innovation center co-developed by Beijing Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The China Gold Market Research Center established in 2010 is the first gold market research institute in China, and has become an important research base for the domestic gold industry.

    The China Economic Experiment Research Institute, Social Computing Research Institute and International Comparative Management Research Institute established in 2011 have developed to be CUEB's signature research platforms.

    In recent years, these bases and research platforms scored impressive achievements. Apart from publishing a large number of core journal articles and monographs and undertaking multiple national and provincial projects, they also produced research results that attracted great attention from the leaders of the municipal government and related departments, with some of the research output incorporated into government decisions, which exactly reflects the principle of serving the economic and social development of Beijing.

  • 03The Quality of Academic Monographs, Papers and Research Reports Improves Annually, and a Large Proportion of Them Are Awarded with Prizes above the Provincial Level

    Over the past five years, researchers in our university have published 945 monographs, edited works, textbooks and translated works, including 357 monographs; published 6,068 papers, including 41 in international high-level journals, 658 authoritative papers, 2,176 in national core journals, with papers published in core journals accounting for over 47% of the total. Since 1978, our scientific achievements have received 206 prizes above the ministerial level, winning the National Social Science Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement twice, National Book Award once, Award for Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education 12 times, Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences by Beijing Municipality 64 times, and other ministerial Award for Outstanding Achievements 127 times.


    All these prizes are highly authoritative in China’s academic community. CUEB won 2 first prizes and 3 second prizes in the 2014 “Beijing 13th Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences”, the quality and quantity of the awarded works are among the top in Beijing.

  • 04The Team of Researchers Is Ever Stronger
    Since 2004, the university has selected 91 university-level research models, 10 talents who have made prominent contributions to scientific research projects and 10 talents who have made outstanding contributions to scientific achievements; since 2009 when the university began to select university-level reserved academic leaders and young and middle-aged core teachers, we have 52 university-level reserved academic leaders and 84 young and middle-aged core teachers; since 2005 when Beijing started to choose the municipality-level “innovative team”, “top-notch innovative personnel”, “young and middle-aged core teachers” and “Great Wall scholars”, our university has produced 25 innovative teams, 19 top-notch innovative personnel, 57 young and middle-aged core teachers, 32 outstanding young scholars and 6 Great Wall scholars.
  • 05A Diversity of Academic Research Events Have Helped Project a Positive Image

    In the past five years, CUEB have held 163 major domestic and international academic events, in which Forum on China Economic Growth and Business Cycle, Press Conference on CCI for the Four Regions Across the Strait, Seminar on the Trend of the Gold Market Development and International Comparative Management Seminar have become signature conferences. The university has organized 267 on-campus academic activities including Doctors and Scholars Forum, Entrepreneurs Forum and Forum for Ministerial and Provincial Leaders. CUEB faculty has attended academic activities held outside the campus for 3,765 times in total.